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Creation is an innate function and responsibility of being human. What we make and build is both our world, and how we see our world; both representation and vehicle. Architecture and Art are forms of self-expression and knowledge; knowledge includes history, whether real or imagined, thus precedent is inextricably linked to creativity.

David Braly is a trained architect, academic, painter, and founder of the Studio, who works at McALPINE. He has spent decades traveling, discovering, drawing and sketching buildings, cities, and gardens in lands foreign and domestic. As Principal Designer of the Studio, he initiates and develops concepts, produces detailed drawings and constructs the overall imagery of both easel paintings and murals.

Mark Montoya, once a product designer for an international decorative arts company, is a garden designer and painter, who finds inspiration in antique architecture and nature. He has trained with and worked alongside David since 2005, and is the Principal Painter and Illustrator of the Studio. Believing strongly in the healing power of artistic expression, he created a prison art program in 2010; teaching women inmates to paint. By selling their work, they can earn money to purchase basic necessities and gifts for their families while serving their sentences.

Together, their classically inspired, thoughtfully conceived, and sensitively executed work now graces interiors and public spaces by leading Architectural and Interior Design professionals and discriminating patrons worldwide.

General Information on our Mural Design Process and Fees

We have done a wide variety of mural projects, but each one begins with our meeting with clients to determine their goals and the best way of achieving them.

We charge a one-time, non-refundable fee of $1,500 for our time and the design drawings we make during this stage of the project. Our painting fee is generally $50 per square foot, with a minimum of 30 square feet, or $1,500, plus all material, travel and installation expenses.

Contact us at your convenience.