Braly Montoya | RSA Dexter Avenue Building, Montgomery, Alabama

RSA Dexter Avenue Building, Montgomery, Alabama

Strikingly and excitingly situated across from the historic Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, and steps away from the state capitol, is an architectural marvel: a modern office building enclosing a classically inspired stone building, which was first an Egyptian styled Masonic Lodge, and later the State Supreme Court. Dr. David Bronner, head of the Retirement Systems of Alabama and a fervent, committed supporter of Alabama artists, commissioned five paintings and two murals to grace both the historic spaces of the older building and the dramatic lobbies of the new. One mural, in the Court’s old law library, shows the fertile relationship between the natural wonders of the state and the classical architecture of the older building. One painting, in the modern lobby, shows the construction of the new building, which reflects the capitol and rises over Montgomery’s great variety of historic architecture.